Trade Courses

Courses that are part of the CTCS (Certified Trade Compliance Specialist) program can be taken as stand-alone courses. They are suitable for international trade professionals seeking in-depth knowledge on specific customs topics. These are:

  1. Harmonized System of Tariff Classification
  2. Valuation and Transfer Pricing
  3. Rules of Origin and Trade Agreements
  4. GST/HST/PST/Excise Tax
  5. Refunds, Duty Deferral and Remissions
  6. Customs Compliance, Verification and Audit
  7. Export Controls and Documentation
  8. Freight and Documentation
  9. Customs Brokerage Management and Client Relations
  10. Trusted Traders
  11. Importing Food
  12. Courier Low Value Shipment Program (CLVS)

For further details on the curriculum and academic policy, please visit the CSCB website.

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