Webinar for consumer chemical products

Pre-recorded webinar and Q&A platform on proposed new requirements for consumer chemical products under the Canada Consumer Product Safety Act (CCPSA)

Health Canada is notifying interested parties that a pre-recorded webinar with a virtual Questions & Answers (Q&A) option (i.e. using Slido) is now available for the recently published Notice of Intent – Proposed new requirements for consumer chemical products under the Canada Consumer Product Safety Act. This pre-recorded webinar provides an overview of Health Canada’s proposal and information on how to participate in the consultation. 

Where to find the proposal: 
Notice of intent – Proposed new requirements for consumer chemical products under the Canada Consumer Product Safety Act

Where to find the pre-recorded webinar:
The webinar can be accessed from now until October 9, 2023. 

Where to submit questions about the proposal:
By email to ccpsa-lcspc@hc-sc.gc.ca OR via Slido.com (event code: 3281705) until October 9, 2023.

As this is a pre-recorded webinar, Health Canada is using Slido as a platform to respond to questions. Stakeholders may submit questions on Slido, and responses will be entered onto the platform in a timely manner. All Q&A will be available for any stakeholder to view. 

Questions submitted on Slido are viewable by the public. Please do not include any personal information or confidential business information. Questions that do not comply with Government of Canada rules on content, privacy, hate speech, foul language, etc., will be removed without notice. 

Where to submit comments and questionnaire responses on the proposal:
Comments and responses to the questionnaire on the proposal can be submitted via email to: ccpsa-lcspc@hc-sc.gc.ca by October 9, 2023. A Microsoft Word version of the questionnaire is available upon request.

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Healthy Environments and Consumer Safety Branch
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