Foods and beverages affected by changes to animal health policy for milk imports

December 2, 2020

Further to the information provided previously about updates to the animal health import requirements for milk and milk products, please find below a list of food and beverage commodities that will be affected.  The commodities are listed by HS code and OGD extension as they appear in the

Clarification: Latest update for importers and brokers of organic products

December 1, 2020

The purpose of this notice is to inform you that in the week of December 14, 2020, the organic import and admissibility requirements for processed products of chapter 20 will be incorporated into AIRS, in accordance with clause 357(3) of Part 13 of the Safe Food for Canadians Regulations.

CBSA Message: TCC20-173 - Port of destination and Sub-location Codes mismatch / Discordance entre le port de relâche et le code de sous-emplacement

November 25, 2020

As of November 1, 2020, the sub-location code is a mandatory data element on a Warehouse Arrival Certification Message (WACM). Warehouse operators/owners who receive unreleased goods into their sufferance warehouses must transmit a WACM.

CBSA Message: TCC20-171 – Barley Products Tariff Rate Quota (TRQ)

November 24, 2020

Clients Affected: All importers and brokers who use EDI to transmit their trade data

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