Update to Possible Labour Disruption at Port of Montreal

In order to keep CSCB members apprised of the current situation at the port of Montreal, we are posting the an excerpt of a message received by a Montreal member from Maersk:

“The Port of Montreal Labour negotiations have reached a point where Labour longshore workers received the Maritime Employers Assn. (MEA) proposal on Thursday morning, March 18 via email to their private email addresses. 

Labour will then vote on it this Sunday, March 21 (the port of Montreal is closed from 7:00 am – 3:00 pm during this time). The Union also holds their General Assembly during this time frame to discuss the proposal and next steps.

We are not able to reveal the proposal details at this time. What we can say is we want to keep cargo flowing through a competitive, stable Labour port.  Trade will always find the most efficient way to flow and no business is guaranteed. A competitive port with Labour stability is essential for supply chain success and customer confidence. 

While we await the vote outcome we want you to know we are hopeful for a positive result but are also prepared with contingency plans to keep your cargo moving whatever the vote result.”

We encourage members to plan accordingly with their customers to avoid any potential issues in the coming days.