USMCA language ‘pretty exciting’ for supply chain professionals

Negotiations among the three nations to replace NAFTA concluded in September 2018. Mexico has signed the USMCA into law, and Canada is close to ratifying it. In the United States, Congress has yet to take up the free trade agreement.

“There is one more major step in the process, and that is when the administration actually sends the formal text to Congress for consideration. That starts a 90-day clock. Once that happens, Congress has 90 days to get it through both the House and the Senate,” Jason Craig, director of government affairs for C.H. Robinson said....."The text is already public. It can’t be changed, except for one or two instances. … For the most part, this is an up-or-down vote.”..

This was excerpted from 17 September 2019 edition of the American Shipper.