Quebec Invests $82 Million to Boost Exports

November 12, 2013

Quebec will spend $82 million by 2017 to help companies export their products to the rest of Canada, the U.S. and the world, International Relations Minister Jean-François Lisée said Monday...

Under the five-year plan, $60 million will be managed through the government’s Export Quebec agency to help 2,500 established companies a year, and develop 1,000 new ones.

New air transport agreements offer more choice for exporters

November 11, 2013

Canada has successfully concluded new and expanded air transport agreements with seven countries spanning several regions of the world.

Conservatives open door to free trade with EU after reaching cheese import deal

November 11, 2013

The Conservatives have reached a deal with the European Union over cheese imports that opens the door to a multi-billion free trade deal with the world’s largest economy.

Throne speech promises to close cross-border price gap

November 11, 2013

Wednesday’s budget-focused throne speech promised, among other things, to take steps to close the gap between prices for goods purchased in Canada as compared to the United States.

It's a message to cross-border shoppers that the government intends to do all it can to keep citizens' dollars in Canada…

White House Trumpets Progress on Export Control Reform

November 11, 2013

A White House fact sheet states that with the first set of revised export control lists having gone into effect Oct. 15, the Obama administration “has successfully implemented the first parts of its new export control system in all four areas of the current export control system: what we control, how we control it, and how we enforce and manage our controls.”