Next Deployment of [US] ACE Functionality Slated for Jan. 4; Re-engineered AES Expected in April

...CBP is planning to complete core trade processing capabilities in ACE through seven deployments of new features over the next three years. This approach is based on the Agile software development methodology, which produces smaller pieces of functionality more frequently. The first of these deployments (Deployment A) was implemented Nov. 2.

According to CBP, Deployment B is planned for Jan. 4 and will include the following elements.

- The cargo release pilot, which was recently opened to all eligible filers of type 01 and type 11 consumption entries in the air transportation mode, will be expanded to ocean and rail shipments as well as partial quantities with in-bonds.

- There will be a single accept/reject message for ACE cargo release.

- Entry summary validations, which provide edits for entry summary data received from trade filers and are currently limited to edits for the Harbor Maintenance Tax and tariff classification, will be expanded to duty calculations...

This has been excerpted from the 21 November 2013 article by Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg LLP, and is available in its entirety at: