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October 27, 2013

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Canada’s trade deficit widens as imports hit record

October 27, 2013

Canada’s trade deficit in August climbed to $1.31 billion as imports grew by 2.1% to set a new record and exports rose by 1.8%, Statistics Canada said on Tuesday…

Imports hit $41.08 billion in August on higher shipments of energy products, aircraft and motor vehicles as volumes rose 1.2% and prices increased by 0.9%. The previous high was the $40.89 billion recorded in April 2013.

Export Certification Requirements (China)

September 30, 2013

The following has been updated in the CFIA website:

Export Certification Requirements (Updated the link to the “List of Canadian establishments approved for export to the People’s Republic of China”)

Canadian Certified Shellfish Dealers

September 30, 2013

Please be advised that the following has been updated on the CFIA website: