The value of CCS and CTCS designates

The Canadian Society of Customs Brokers (CSCB) offers two designations to the trade community, the CCS (Certified Customs Specialist) and CTCS (Certified Trade Compliance Specialist) designations.

CCS (Certified Customs Specialist) Designation

The CCS designation has been the standard in the Canadian customs marketplace since 2002.

By maintaining a CCS designation on an annual basis, a designate demonstrates their ongoing commitment to professional development and the high quality of service expected from those with the CCS designation. As one of the CCS benefits, the CSCB delivers timely and complete information on new customs policies, administrative programs, and fast changing international trade environment, giving the designates the opportunity to stay current.

For more information on the CCS designation, please refer to What is a CCS Designation? on the CSCB website.

CTCS (Certified Trade Compliance Specialist) Designation

The CTCS designation 

  • recognizes the experience and expertise of international trade compliance professionals,
  • sets a standard for ongoing professional development in a field where change is constant, and
  • supports a network for information sharing and collaboration.

The CTCS designation is an advanced designation that focuses on international trade compliance.

Professionals holding the CTCS designation have transformed their knowledge into practical skills through real-world experience, and continue to build their knowledge and skills by meeting the requirement of a continuing professional development program.

For more information on the CTCS designation, please refer to What is a CTCS Designation? on the CSCB website.