Australia - WTO Notification - Emergency Measures to Safeguard Against Khapra Beetle

On August 4, 2020, Australia initiated a World Trade Organization (WTO) notification on their intention to implement a series of emergency measures to safeguard Australia against the entry, establishment, and spread of khapra beetle (Trogoderma granarium).  Last month, the Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures division at Global Affairs Canada  provided an update to industry, provincial and territorial stakeholders outlining Australia's proposed measures and their implementation details. 

On December 21, 2020, Australia notified the WTO of the details for Phase 6 emergency measures that would apply to sea containers.  The measures will be implemented in two steps, referred to as Phase 6A and Phase 6B:

  • Phase 6A will include new measures for target risk sea containers and is expected to commence, at the earliest, in March/April 2021. Under this phase, measures will be applied to the highest risk containers, specifically Full Container Load (FCL), and Full Container Consolidated (FCX) shipments carrying high-risk plant products that have been loaded in a khapra beetle target country; and/or FCL/FCX containers shipped from a khapra beetle target risk country and destined to a rural growing area of Australia.  Target risk containers must be treated offshore using fumigation with methyl bromide, heat treatment, or insecticide spray.  Treatment details can be located on Australia's Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment website.  Canada is not a target risk country and will not be impacted by Phase 6A.
  • Phase 6B will include measures for high-risk sea containers and is expected to commence in late 2021.  This phase will include measures for a broader range of containers. While Australia's Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment (AWE) is still determining how this phase will be implemented, it is possible that Canada will be impacted by these measures. Further information about these measures, including details on consultation,  will be made available on AWE’s website.   

Please find attached Australia's recent WTO notification G/SPS/N/AUS/502/Add.5 for information on phase 6 emergency measures. Additional information on the emergency measures can be found on the department's website:

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