Canada’s provincial-industrial export outlook

Canada’s exports are caught between global mega-shifts in both opportunities and risks. On the positive side, global growth is strong, and the primary driver is our top customer. In addition, our US sales now enjoy more certainty, with the signing of the USMCA agreement. A further plus is the steady diversification of exports to fast-growing emerging markets. Weighing on the outlook are the dual threats of protectionism, rising interest rates and the consequent turbulence in emerging markets. In this context, how are Canada’s provinces and industrial sectors expected to fare?

It’s not rare to see radical differences in growth among the provinces in any given year, given their contrasting industrial makeup and differing dependencies on world conditions. 2018 was no exception, producing more outliers than average performers. Things are expected to be more settled in 2019, but there are a few notable exceptions...

This was excerpted from an 8 November 2018 commentary by Peter Hall of Export Development Canada.