Expanded access for beef export to Japan

Please be advised that, effective May 17, 2019, Japan accepts Canadian beef derived from cattle born and raised in Canada of all ages. Cattle shall be born and raised in Canada or legally imported into Canada from a country eligible to export beef and beef products to Japan.

The Export Requirements Library, as well as, the meat export electronic certification system has been amended to reflect the new requirements. Annex –C (Certificate for Beef and Beef Products Destined to Japan) has been updated in meat export electronic certification system and is available from the local CFIA staff for use effective May 17, 2019.

The new access to beef from all ages of eligible cattle and the updated Annex C applies only to beef exported to Japan derived from cattle slaughtered and processed under the new program on or after May 17, 2019. Japan will continue to accept old Annex C (Available on meat export e-cert as Annex C-1) for beef derived from cattle under the age of thirty months (UTM) slaughtered and processed before May 17, 2019 under the old program till further notice. Japan has indicated that the existing approved establishments for export of UTM beef under the old program, as listed in Annex 1 of the Japan section in Export Requirements Library, will be eligible for export of beef from OTM cattle to Japan. A formal confirmation to the CFIA is awaited.