ACI Newsletter Volume I January 2014

CBSA has published the 1st edition of its Advance Commercial Information (ACI) Newsletter. The intention is to publish this newsletter on a semi-annual basis.

There are a number of issues within the newsletter that are the subject of current CSCB advocacy initiatives, specifically the impact of the new CACM requirements on release and the consequences of delays in declaring eManifest requirements for highway and rail carriers mandatory, on the implementation of ATD requirements. The CSCB eManifest and Commercial Operations Committee  has responsibility for these issues.

Questions regarding the Newsletter’s content can be directed to the CBSA ACI Policy Unit at this email address - but if you have any questions regarding CSCB advocacy efforts relating to ACI/eManifest, feel free to contact either Michelle Criger, or Janice McBride, at the CSCB national office.