CBSA Message (EDI14-006) - K84 Monthly Account Statement for certain months of 2014

Ordinarily, payments of the K84 Monthly Account Statement must be received at CBSA payment offices by 16:30 local time on the last business day of the month. The CBSA recognizes that certain months of the year have fewer days for clients to arrange for payment, therefore should K84 monthly payments for the affected months noted in the table below be received by the CBSA on the deferred dates specified, the CBSA will not charge interest or issue penalties.

Month Due date Deferred to date
February 02-28-2014 03-03-2014
August 08-29-2014 09-02-2014
November 11-28-2014 12-01-2014
December 12-31-2014 01-02-2015
    *01-05-2015 for clients in Québec who normally pay at the bank

January 2, 2015 is a bank holiday in Québec, therefore clients who normally pay their K84 at a bank in Québec have until 11:30 a.m. local time January 5, 2015 to submit proof of payment to their payment office without incurring late payment penalties and interest.

This also applies to Customs Self-Assessment importers. The customary month-end Revenue Summary Form payment processes should be followed.

The current payment due date and billing period procedures will remain in place until the implementation of the Accounts Receivable Ledger.

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