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Minister Clement Announces Tentative Agreement with Border Services Group

November 11, 2013

The Honourable Tony Clement, President of the Treasury Board, ...announced that the Government of Canada has reached a tentative agreement with the Border Services (FB) Group. This represents the last agreement in the Treasury Board’s current round of collective bargaining...

Business Groups Want Acceleration of Efforts to Increase North American Competitiveness

October 29, 2013

Major business groups from the U.S., Canada and Mexico sent a joint letter to their country’s leaders Oct. 3 urging an acceleration of efforts to strengthen economic relations among the NAFTA partners and enhance their competitiveness in the global economy.

Canada’s trade deficit widens as imports hit record

October 27, 2013

Canada’s trade deficit in August climbed to $1.31 billion as imports grew by 2.1% to set a new record and exports rose by 1.8%, Statistics Canada said on Tuesday…

Imports hit $41.08 billion in August on higher shipments of energy products, aircraft and motor vehicles as volumes rose 1.2% and prices increased by 0.9%. The previous high was the $40.89 billion recorded in April 2013.

PM announces support for enhanced security cooperation with Malaysia

October 27, 2013

Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced [on October 6, 2013] that Canada and Malaysia have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that will enhance security cooperation between the two countries and help address the threats of terrorism, human smuggling and organized crime in Southeast Asia and beyond.

WTO Lowers Trade Growth Estimate for 2013 and 2014

September 30, 2013

The World Trade Organization announced Sept. 19 that its economists are now forecasting global trade growth of 2.5% in 2013, down from the 3.3% they projected in April, and 4.5% in 2014, down from 5.0%. Both would still be better than 2012, which saw trade growth fall to 2.0% from 5.2% in 2011.