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U.S. won't stand for border blockades becoming normalized

February 16, 2022

It's a pivotal moment for the auto sector, and U.S. politicians want an excuse to 'Buy American'

Canada's economy has billions of reasons to hope that recent border blockades get quickly forgotten as a fleeting phenomenon by decision-makers in the United States.

How the Ambassador Bridge protest could tighten the supply-chain chokehold

February 9, 2022

Almost 20% of Canada-U.S. trade moves across this 'vital artery of supply' that has been closed since Monday

Protesters in Windsor, Ont., began blocking the Ambassador Bridge Monday evening, a trade route that Emergency Preparedness Minister Bill Blair called “a vital artery of supply for the province of Ontario.”

Canada loses 200,000 jobs, nearly double the blow economists expected

February 5, 2022

Statistics Canada’s January Labour Force Survey found that hours worked dropped 2.2 per cent from December, when hours had returned to pre-pandemic levels. A decline in economic activity of that size will interrupt the momentum the economy had built over the latter half of 2021...

2022 Ontario Economic Report

February 5, 2022

The Ottawa Board of Trade and the Ontario Chamber of Commerce (OCC) have released the sixth annual Ontario Economic Report (OER) providing regional and sector-specific data on business confidence, policy priorities, and economic indicators, which together provide a unique view on the hurdles ahead.