CBSA Message (TCC19-117): TCCU Tip of the Week

We would like to take this opportunity to remind clients that TCCU’s email account is for non-urgent correspondence only, and that responses can take up to 10 business days, although we strive to respond more quickly.

This helps the TCCU triage requests and to prioritize urgent time-sensitive requests in the production environment to our call centre for immediate response, while requests for testing, profile updates, ECCRDs, general information and less time-sensitive requests can be handled via email.

The TCCU generally responds to emails in the order that they are received. Please be advised that marking “Urgent” in the subject line of an email will not speed up its processing.

In an effort to provide clarity and transparency, the TCCU offers a Services Document outlining all of the services offered by the team and how each service is to be initiative and delivered, whether by email and telephone.

We hope this additional information will prove useful to you and will help direct inquiries to the appropriate area and assigned the appropriate degree of priority.

We encourage you to share the link with your colleagues.