Port of Vancouver

2023 was a challenging year for the Port of Vancouver; moving record volumes, seeing global events impact volumes and routes, plus a 13 day strike last July.  We are starting to see backlogs, and a recent article in the S&P Journal of Commerce highlighted that the Port of Vancouver has been struggling with rail container backlogs for more than two months caused primarily by a double-digit surge in imports, and it will take at least several more weeks to clear the congestion.

The Port of Vancouver maintains a webpage with daily or weekly port performance indicators, by anchorage, rail, and truck that may prove useful for planning purposes. These tools can be accessed here  https://www.portvancouver.com/port-dashboard/supply-chain-performance/ The Port also offers a daily port real time monitor that can also provide insight that can be found here https://www.portvancouver.com/port-dashboard/