Online reference tool on APEC member economies' trade and tariff regimes

Are you looking to export to one of APEC’s member economies? If so, the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) forum offers the APEC Trade Repository (APECTR), an online reference tool on APEC member economies' trade and tariff regimes.

The APECTR contains links to information on: 

  • preferential tariffs offered;
  • rules of origin applied under Free Trade Agreements and Regional Trade Agreements entered into by APEC members
  • most favoured nation tariffs;
  • best practices in trade facilitation, including advance rulings on good’s tariff classification, origin of the good, and the appropriate method or criteria to be used for determining the customs value;
  • other trade measures, such as sanitary and phyto-sanitary measures, technical barriers to trade, and import licensing procedures;
  • domestic trade and customs laws and rules;
  • procedures and documentary requirements, including general importation/exportation procedures and regulated commodities;
  • authorised economic operators; and
  • mutual recognition agreements.