What is the Importers Network?

The Importers Network was created by the Canadian Society of Customs Brokers (CSCB) to provide a go-to resource for importers in Canada. The Importers Network will help you to better understand the import process and  learn how to get the most from your relationship with a customs broker. We hope the Importers Network will be a place you look to for information, and to share your knowledge with others in the trade community.

Because the import process is a complex and dynamic one, on-going learning is necessary to keep up with changes in legislation and processes.

That’s why we created the Importers Network. Register with us and you’ll get a bi-weekly digest of any important changes in the trade business. Or return to this website, where you’ll find our news broken into easy, searchable categories right on the home page.

We’ve designed the Importers Network with you in mind; to help you find the quickest route to the information you need. Whatever question you have about importing into Canada, you should be able to find the answer here. Or participate in one of our importer forums where questions and answers are shared among importers just like you.

CSCB’s licensed Canadian customs brokers brought you this site to help make your import experience the best it can be.

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