International Trade Compliance

Text of the New United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement

October 20, 2018

The Office of the United States Trade Representative (USTR) has posted the text of the new United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement, which will replace NAFTA.

The text of the agreement is available on the USTR website.

USMCA Provision Could Deter Trade Agreements with China

October 20, 2018

A provision in the updated NAFTA concluded this past weekend could make it more difficult for Canada and Mexico to pursue potential free trade agreements with China. Observers say the Trump administration could look to insert a similar provision in possible FTAs with the European Union and Japan as part of its effort to pressure Beijing to advance economic reforms.

CBSA Message (ARL18-0927): Process Change for ARL Late Notices and Technical Issues

October 12, 2018

Message received by the CSCB at 9:16 am.

Clients Affected: All importers, brokers and services providers who receive accounting statements via electronic data interchange (EDI).

D2-5-12, Telephone Reporting for General Aviation and Private Boats

October 12, 2018

This memorandum has been expanded to include guidelines and requirements related to CBSA services at a fixed base operator and the requirements for a telephone reporting site/marine. 

New [U.S.] Food Export Certification Program Launched

September 20, 2018

Starting Oct. 1 the [U.S.] Food and Drug Administration will begin issuing and collecting fees for new export certifications for food for human consumption other than dietary supplements, medical foods, and foods for special dietary use.