BSF5079, Importing Commercial Goods Into Canada

January 3, 2014

This publication describes the documents you need to submit to the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) to import commercial goods into Canada and highlights the information you need from each document to complete Form B3, Canada Customs Coding Form (PDF, 151.5 KB). You will find an example of Form B3 in Appendix III of this publication.

Canada Gazette - Official Regulations

January 2, 2014

Subscribers may be interested in the following, published on 18 December 2013 in Part II of the Canada Gazette.

Hold the cheese: Ottawa closes import loophole

January 2, 2014

The federal government has quietly closed a loophole that had allowed... restaurant chains to import growing quantities of low-cost U.S. mozzarella, skirting the high tariff wall that shields Canada's dairy industry.

Canada Gazette - Notices and Proposed Regulations

December 31, 2013

Subscribers may be interested in the following, published on 14 December 2013 in Part I of the Canada Gazette.

Canada Border Services Agency

CRA interest rates for the first calendar quarter

December 28, 2013

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) today announced the prescribed annual interest rates...

These rates are calculated quarterly according to the laws that apply and will be in effect from January 1, 2014 to March 31, 2014. All interest rates have decreased by 1% since last quarter, except for the rate for pertinent loans or indebtedness.