Memorandum D10-13-3 / Mémorandum D10-13-3

August 23, 2021

The CBSA has revised D10-13-3. Interpretation of the term “Open Vessel” in Tariff Items 8901.90.10, 8906.90.11 and 8906.90.19

Fourth Quarter Interest Rate 2021 / Taux d'intérêt du quatrième trimestre 2021

August 20, 2021

Clients Affected: All clients and service providers who transmit trade data using EDI and Portal.

The annual interest rate for the fourth quarter of 2021 (October 1st to December 31st, 2021) will be 0.1696.

Update to ECCRD Chapter 2: ACI Air / Mise à jour au chapitre 2 du DECCE: IPEC Aérien

August 13, 2021

Le texte français suit le texte anglais.

TCC21-085 - New version of the Electronic Commerce Client Requirements Document (ECCRD) Chapter 2 – ACI Air 

Clients Affected: Air carriers and software providers

TCC21-084 - Changes to The Single Window Initiative (SWI) Integrated Import Declaration (IID) Regulated Commodities Data Element Matching Criteria

August 12, 2021

Le texte français suit le texte anglais.

The CBSA is pleased to announce that Trade Chain Partners can now use the SWI IID Regulated Commodities Data Element Matching Criteria to identify commodities regulated by a particular Participating Government Department or Agency (PGA) program.

Border guards, Ottawa reach tentative deal

August 11, 2021

Canada's border agents reached a new tentative agreement with the federal government late Friday after a daylong work-to-rule campaign left long lines of semi-trailers and passenger vehicles idling for hours at some of the country's busiest international gateways.