Canada to Talk Trade and Security During Visit to India

October 31, 2014

Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird; the Honourable Ed Fast, Minister of International Trade... lead a Canadian delegation to India from October 12 to 17, 2014...

Minister Ritz Highlights Importance of Open Trade at Tri-National Accord Meeting

October 25, 2014

Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz addressed the 23rd Tri-National Agricultural Accord [yesterday] where he underscored the importance for all three North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) countries to recognize and promote free and unfettered trade to drive competitiveness, create jobs and generate economic opportunities.

Update to CFIA Meat and Poultry Products Manual Procedures - Mexico

October 22, 2014

Please note changes to Meat and Poultry Products in the Manual of Procedures:

Chapter 11, Section 11.7.3 – Mexico – Goat and/or sheep meat, offal and viscera – New Annex F must be issued.

Small Exporters and Diversification

October 16, 2014

Exporting. Globalization. Diversification. These are big terms, and we usually associate them with big business. We can even go as far as to think that in a great, big, new, trading world, small business really doesn't fit the model, doesn't really belong in the game - that you really need size and scale to compete successfully.

The one website all Canadian SMEs need to know to get new business abroad

October 11, 2014

A new website called Enterprise Canada Network (ECN) is about to make the life of small- to medium-sized companies (SMEs) looking for an easy way to get new contracts abroad a whole lot easier.