Let's Talk Exports Cross Canada Tour

April 1, 2014

If you think the global economy is behaving unpredictably, at least there’s one thing you can always depend on: Let’s Talk Exports is the most productive hour you’ll spend to help you make sense of our current growth cycle and its impact on Canadian businesses like yours.

Canada Revenue Agency Forms

April 1, 2014

Members may be interested in some of the updated forms that CRA made available today on their website:

New National Standard for Icewine in Canada

March 6, 2014

After extensive consultation, the Government of Canada is introducing regulatory amendments that will help Canadian icewine producers expand export markets and protect consumers from fraudulent products. Primarily, the amendments will create a new national standard for icewine.

Canadian international merchandise trade, December 2013

February 22, 2014

Canada's merchandise imports grew 1.2% and exports increased 0.9% in December. Consequently, Canada's trade deficit with the world widened from $1.5 billion in November to $1.7 billion in December.

Fish and Seafood - Export to Japan

February 19, 2014

- List of Exporters of Live Lobster and Lobster Tomalley Products to Japan