ACI Newsletter Volume I January 2014

February 8, 2014

CBSA has published the 1st edition of its Advance Commercial Information (ACI) Newsletter. The intention is to publish this newsletter on a semi-annual basis.

CBSA Message (EDI14-006) - K84 Monthly Account Statement for certain months of 2014

February 7, 2014

Ordinarily, payments of the K84 Monthly Account Statement must be received at CBSA payment offices by 16:30 local time on the last business day of the month.

Facilities Designated for the Inspection of Meat Products from the US

February 7, 2014

Members may be interested in this notice from CFIA regarding facilities designated for the Inspection of Meat Products from the US.

Proposed amendments to prevent input tax credit claims that exceed tax actually paid

February 5, 2014

The Department of Finance today released proposed amendments to the Excise Tax Act that reaffirm the policy that a person cannot claim input tax credits in respect of an amount of Goods and Services Tax/Harmonized Sales Tax (GST/HST) that has already been recovered by the person from a supplier.

EDI Release Requests Received, December 2013

February 5, 2014

The ACROSS EDI release requests received report for December 2013 is available on the CSCB website at:

The national EDI percent was 95.10%.