Barley Products Tariff Rate Quota (TRQ) / Le contingent tarifaire (ct) pour les produits d’orge

December 31, 2019

This message pertains to imports of barley products classified under Customs Tariff headings: 11.02, 11.03, 11.04, 11.07, 11.08, 19.01, 19.04 and 23.02.

CFIA Launches a New Website

December 24, 2019

As part of the Government of Canada's commitment to enhance the way digital services are delivered, we launched a web renewal initiative to create a website that is more user-friendly. It aligns with and features a top task navigation to help you complete your tasks and find the information you are looking for quickly.

USMCA Legislation Approved in House, Could See January Vote in Senate

December 24, 2019

Legislation to implement the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement updating NAFTA passed the House of Representatives on December 19 by a vote of 385 to 41.

Products Containing Mercury

December 24, 2019

Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) administers the Products Containing Mercury Regulations. The Regulations broadly prohibit the import or manufacture of products containing mercury, or any of its compounds, with some exemptions.

Collaborating on the Path Forward – Phytosanitary Certificates and My CFIA | Calendrier de mise en œuvre des certificats phytosanitaires et Mon ACIA

December 24, 2019

With a strong reputation and an ambitious target for the growth of Canadian agriculture and agri-food exports, CFIA is working to make the export process more efficient for Canadian businesses. The Agency is committed to transitioning its services online, moving in the same direction as the Government of Canada as a whole.